Paralegal Melissa S. Kew

Melissa Kew is a paralegal and has worked for Mr. Layton since the firm was founded. She holds masters degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Toronto, where she focused on quantitative and qualitative research. Melissa's work has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Melissa has extensive experience in preparing and presenting financial data and analysis in relation to in-depth audit presentations, Form 433 Collection Information Statements, Offers in Compromise (Form 656), installment agreements, and as litigation support in complex litigation and trials. Melissa's experience in research and analytics fields, as well as her work ethic and attention to detail, allows our firm to provide the highest level legal representation at a reasonable expense.

Prior to joining the firm, she worked as a researcher at the Center for Nonprofit Management in downtown Los Angeles and at the East Bay AIDS Research Institute in Oakland, CA. Melissa was also recognized as an MFP National Institute of Mental Health Fellow through the American Sociological Association.


University of Chicago, M.A., Sociology
University of Toronto, M.A, B.A., Sociology


Eric Fong, Barry Wellman, Melissa Kew, Rima Wilkes, Correlates of the digital divide: Individual, household and spatial variation, Office of Learning Technologies, Human Resources Development (2001), pp. 71--94.
William L. Parish, Ye Luo, Edward O. Laumann, Melissa Kew and Zhiyuan Yu, Unwanted Sexual Activity among Married Women in Urban China, The Journal of Sex Research, Vol. 44, No. 2 (May 2007), pp. 158-171.